You can discover the riches of diving in the South Pacific when you visit Fiji. You will experience high quality diving in clear sea water. The shorelines offer great snorkeling for children and adults, but diving is done from boats away from the shoreline. See soft corals and a wide variety of bright and thriving marine life. Take a diving adventure in exciting dive spots around the lagoons and islands. shark feeding dives will give you the excitement you have been waiting for. Fiji scuba diving is as good as they say.

Plan Ahead To Visit Fiji

In Fiji there are hundreds of types of coral and nearly a thousand species of fish. It is like diving in another world. Here are just a few places you may not want to miss when diving in Fiji:

* The Coral Coast

* The Sun Coast

* Nadi

* Suva

* Pacific Harbor and more…….

You can plan your trip to Fiji make reservations and booking all online and this will save you a lot of hassle, valuable time, and money and ensure availability upon your arrival. There are three-hundred and thirty-three islands in Fiji so you will have a long list of diving exploration and never experience a dull moment from the time you arrive until your departure.

Choose How To Get Around Fiji

Traveling around Fiji will be simple, easy and affordable because there is a diverse transportation system that consists of buses, taxis, car and truck rental companies, domestic airline service, boats and ferries and more. Maps and travel directions are available for you to help you save time when exploring different places.

Discover Fiji SCUBA Diving: Is It As Good As They Say? The Climate

The climate in Fiji is tropical so it will be quite warm. Nature thrives in this tropical climate with blue-green lagoons, tropical rainforests, mountains, white sandy beaches, pine forests, and endless miles of ocean. The climate being tropical makes diving in Fiji as good as they say.

Perhaps the best way to enjoy the Fiji waters is with a relaxing day snorkeling.  It takes little effort.  Just grab a great full face snorkel mask and have fun!  You’ll be able to see lot and lots of marine life to include turtles, rays and plethora of reef fish.

When you are not diving, there are so many other things you and your friends can enjoy and a few of these exciting things include:

* Dining and shopping

* Out to the Movies

* Sailing

* Cruise to Different Islands

* Surfing

* Play Golf on Fine Courses

* Visit Nature Reserves

* Watch Sports Live at Arenas and much more………….

Accommodation When You are Diving in Fiji

There are accommodations suitable for every diver who visits Fiji. You may choose to stat at budget hotels, five star resorts offering world class accommodations, hostels, village homestays, vacation rental houses and more. Fiji welcomes visitors from all across the globe and wants to ensure that your stay is completely enjoyable as well as memorable. You can reserve your stay online to ensure availability when you and your guests arrive. Most visitors who come to dive in Fiji often return again. Plan to dive in Fiji because it is as good as they say.