Is it Safe to Rent SCUBA Gear on Vacation?


For those who are SCUBA-enthusiasts, going on vacation can have a special draw: new water locations to explore!

But is it worth it to lug all your equipment with you? Or are you better off renting at your destination – and is that safe?

Here are some factors to consider.


Not everyone has bottomless pockets when going on vacation. If you only plan on one short dive while you are at your destination, or you are flying or are already traveling with a lot of gear, it would be most cost effective to rent at your destination.


SCUBA is a sport that deserves respect: exciting, fun, and educational, it is also very dangerous if not handled with care.

You know your equipment is safe: you keep up with inspections, replace worn parts, and exchange your tank when it expires. But will the rental place at your destination do the same?

In choosing a dive supply facility, it is important to do research. If they have a good reputation – which should be easy to check on-line – then you should consider them. Several companies have locations around the country or around the world, and those are probably the most dependable. If you aren’t familiar with any common names, PADI offers an online dive rental location list.

But what if they’re booked? Or don’t have a location at your destination?


Not every destination will have a reputable company providing rental services, and not every reputable company will have the gear you need available unless you book far in advance. When this happens, other alternatives can be looked at, such as smaller, local businesses. But what if they don’t have an online presence?

You have two easy options: if you know someone who lives at or frequents your destination, ask. If you don’t, you can contact the staff at the place you will be staying. Hotel/resort concierges often have a wide variety of reliable businesses they are comfortable recommending.


If you are planning a boat or guided dive, contacting the dive master to see if they have equipment for rent is an option. They may suggest only renting things that are hard to fit or too bulky to transport.

It may take some planning to transport the amount of gear needed for a safe SCUBA excursion, and businesses that rent SCUBA equipment do not stay in business long if their equipment is not in good condition, so longevity of the business is another thing to look for.

One last, important thing to remember: always dive with a buddy.

Discover Fiji SCUBA Diving: Is It As Good As They Say?


You can discover the riches of diving in the South Pacific when you visit Fiji. You will experience high quality diving in clear sea water. The shorelines offer great snorkeling for children and adults, but diving is done from boats away from the shoreline. See soft corals and a wide variety of bright and thriving marine life. Take a diving adventure in exciting dive spots around the lagoons and islands. shark feeding dives will give you the excitement you have been waiting for. Fiji scuba diving is as good as they say.

Plan Ahead To Visit Fiji

In Fiji there are hundreds of types of coral and nearly a thousand species of fish. It is like diving in another world. Here are just a few places you may not want to miss when diving in Fiji:

* The Coral Coast

* The Sun Coast

* Nadi

* Suva

* Pacific Harbor and more…….

You can plan your trip to Fiji make reservations and booking all online and this will save you a lot of hassle, valuable time, and money and ensure availability upon your arrival. There are three-hundred and thirty-three islands in Fiji so you will have a long list of diving exploration and never experience a dull moment from the time you arrive until your departure.

Choose How To Get Around Fiji

Traveling around Fiji will be simple, easy and affordable because there is a diverse transportation system that consists of buses, taxis, car and truck rental companies, domestic airline service, boats and ferries and more. Maps and travel directions are available for you to help you save time when exploring different places.

Discover Fiji SCUBA Diving: Is It As Good As They Say? The Climate

The climate in Fiji is tropical so it will be quite warm. Nature thrives in this tropical climate with blue-green lagoons, tropical rainforests, mountains, white sandy beaches, pine forests, and endless miles of ocean. The climate being tropical makes diving in Fiji as good as they say.

Perhaps the best way to enjoy the Fiji waters is with a relaxing day snorkeling.  It takes little effort.  Just grab a great full face snorkel mask and have fun!  You’ll be able to see lot and lots of marine life to include turtles, rays and plethora of reef fish.

When you are not diving, there are so many other things you and your friends can enjoy and a few of these exciting things include:

* Dining and shopping

* Out to the Movies

* Sailing

* Cruise to Different Islands

* Surfing

* Play Golf on Fine Courses

* Visit Nature Reserves

* Watch Sports Live at Arenas and much more………….

Accommodation When You are Diving in Fiji

There are accommodations suitable for every diver who visits Fiji. You may choose to stat at budget hotels, five star resorts offering world class accommodations, hostels, village homestays, vacation rental houses and more. Fiji welcomes visitors from all across the globe and wants to ensure that your stay is completely enjoyable as well as memorable. You can reserve your stay online to ensure availability when you and your guests arrive. Most visitors who come to dive in Fiji often return again. Plan to dive in Fiji because it is as good as they say.

Top Three Telescopes to See the Stars While Hiking


Enjoying the stars while hiking and backpacking can leave you with many things to consider when you are lugging a lot of gear already. Choosing a lightweight but durable and powerful telescope when you want to view the stars and landscapes while you are backpacking is important.

All backpackers and avid hikers know that keeping your gear as light as possible allows for more mobility while climbing mountain sides and maneuvering through the roughest of terrains. If you want to see the stars while hiking, choosing a great lightweight telescope can be difficult, but not impossible.

The Sky-Watcher MAK90

The Sky-Watcher MAK90 has a 90mm aperture lens and is extremely durable but only weighs a slight three pounds. It comes with a table top mount that has a remote controller for ease of viewing shooting stars and even meteor showers.

Has a focal length of twelve hundred and fifty millimeters and a one and a quarter inch ninety-degree image prism with an eight by twenty image finder. The entire telescope and mount fit in an average sized backpack.

Celestron LandScout 60mm

This telescope comes as an actual backpack kit and is extremely lightweight and very easily transported with the tripod included. It has fully coated sixty-millimeter optic lens with a twelve to thirty-six times magnification eyepiece. Check out this other Celestron telescope.

The optic lens provides bright images that are full of contrast for the sharpest of views. Landscapes and stars can be seen from the brightest of days to the darkest of nights when backpacking with the LandScout telescope.  After easy assembly of the tripod, it will offer you three hundred and sixty-degree rotations and extra support for longer viewing pleasure.

Meade Instruments ETX 80

The ETX 80 by Meade Instruments is extremely lightweight coming in at a mere nine pounds and has an achromatic refractor aperture eighty millimeter, three and a half inch optical lens. It provides super views that are sharp and bright for all your star gazing desires.

The optical tube can be removed from the computerized mount that has Audio Star capabilities. It comes with a 9.7mm and a twenty-six millimeter eyepiece, and the ETX 80 is durable and powerful to give you the chance to sit under the stars and gaze up at the beauty of the universe on all your hiking adventures.

These three telescopes are extremely lightweight but offer you the best power and durability for all yours backpacking and hiking needs. If you want to see the stars while hiking, then bringing any one of these excellent telescopes along will give you what you desire.

Appreciating Diving Experience


If you enjoy mosting likely to the coastline, a diving experience could include in among your satisfying trips you take. With great deals of diving locations to pick from, striking the water could never ever be a trouble to you. Absolutely, feasible diving locations are located in scenic tour plans of your option.

Exactly, prior to taking any kind of diving experience, you need to have the all the needed diving devices. If you’re simply a novice, you must have the fundamental tools that consist of fins, snorkel, mask, as well as weight belt prior to transferring to expert tools.

With diving scenic tour bundle of your option, you will certainly have the possibility to discover the marvels of the sea. Genuinely, it could be unwinding on your component as you will certainly have the ability to see various sea animals strolling the substantial water. Seeing the charm listed below the sea is a terrific point to have unless you will certainly be helped by experts that recognizes the waters that could assist you all the same of emergency situation.

When summertime period is quick coming close to, all you want are the chilly beverages, traveling locations, and also the smooth waves of the sea. Appreciating on your own in a much required summertime holiday could entirely unwind your body and mind. With adequate remainder from your arduous work, you could remove all the stress and anxieties you sustained all year long.

Fundamental Devices:

Diving fins aid you to removal openly undersea as well as it ought to fit your feet flawlessly. The fins need to never ever be also limited or also loosened for you as it could hinder your swimming abilities. In having snorkels, it permits you to take a breath listed below the surface area also without increasing your head. Snorkels must have to do with 30 centimeters in size at the same time the weight belt could aid you in preserving buoyancy.

Diving fits is likewise a have to have. You must obtain your wetsuits and also drysuits that could offer the required thermal insulation and also could prevent problems like hypothermia. Constantly bear in mind that the water is carrying out warmth 25 times faster compared to the air from your body.

Initially, you ought to have the diving mask so you could see undersea. Your diving mask needs to be built in such a way that you could still take a breath from the mask. The diving mask of your selection have to fit effectively on your face that creates a seal. Many diving masks are made from rubber or silicones that develop leak-proof seal with your face. Diving masks are additionally offered like the complete face mask that permits you to connect vocally undersea.

Diving Sets:

Ultimately, with all these fundamental tools, you could currently begin for your utmost diving journey.

There are 2 sort of diving collections as well as these are open-circuit and also shut circuit. Mainly, expert scuba divers make use of basic air that is made up of 21% Oxygen as well as 79% Nitrogen for the open circuit collections. Open up circuit collections is less costly compared to other kinds while in close circuit kinds you’re geared up with rebreathers. In rebreathers, your breathed out air is recycled to earn it fit once again for re-inhalation. Rebreathers could be extremely helpful as it could aid you financially if you intend to consider lengthy dives. Additionally a dive watch could be really crucial as it could assist you in establishing your time and also deepness undersea.

Hawaii Diving Hotspots


– Molokai Island is an all-natural shelter where its whole South side depends on the lengthiest Hawaiian obstacle coral reef providing a few of the most effective diving websites.

– Ni’ihau Island is the place of massive sea arcs, big pelagic fish, threatened monk seal as well as various other uncommon fish types. Diving websites are suggested for intermediate and also sophisticated scuba divers.

– Kauai Island additionally referred to as Yard Island benefits tough and also excellent diving nevertheless it is hard to reach throughout wintertime.

Hawaii Island has actually diving websites situated off the leeward shore which is protected from the profession winds by the big glazed hills with about greater than 100ft presence. The passage caves, arcs as well as lava tubes are superb locations for image taking or establishing an evening dive with Manta Rays or a blue water dive to look for the seen as well as bottlenose dolphins, pygmy awesome whales, pilot whales as well as whale sharks. It is suggested to take an overview if you are preparing to dive in Hilo side of the island.

– Maui Island has dive websites that consist of Molokini, Black Rock and also 5 Caverns found off the west expenses. It is open for all scuba divers’ degrees.

– Oahu Island provides superb mix of dive websites varying type overseas lava developments, underground chambers to airplanes as well as shipwrecks consisting of huge institutions of environment-friendly sea turtles and also various fish varieties.

Hawaii has a constant climate condition with couple of levels temperature level adjustment throughout the year because of year-round cozy sea surface area temperature level maintaining the superior temperature level cozy. The cozy waters bordering Hawaii are sanctuary to amazing variety of fish, animal as well as reefs types. There is an approximate thirty percent of usual coral reef fish discovered in Hawaii as a result of the island chain’s seclusion.

– Lanai Island has dive websites prominent for their lava developments varying from archways, passages, ridges as well as peaks using wide range of aquatic life and also lights results.

That is why Hawaii ended up being a terrific and also preferred location for diving with several of the very best dive websites worldwide. The islands of Hawaii have their very own attributes and also characters supplying one-of-a-kind and also interesting diving websites. You could obtain amazing photos undersea while diving.

Hawaii is an exotic heaven in which you could delight in cozy sunlight on sandy white coastlines with crystal clear waters as well as hand trees showcasing hula professional dancers, luaus and also the best location for undersea expedition in finding reef, sea caverns, monk seals, rewriter dolphins as well as sea turtles.

The diving websites of Hawaii are ranked inning accordance with the minimum diving degree that a person ought to attain prior to diving for safety and security objectives.

Caribbean Journey Diving


With its terrific reef along the sides, Bay Islands is the ideal area for you to scuba dive. Due to its massive coral reef system, you could discover various sort of corals reefs as well as sponges. The water will certainly provide you great exposure in searching for over 800 varieties of fish. The water current could provide you the chance to dive within 15 feet from coral reefs approximately diving 200 feet on sea piles without obtaining brushed up by.

Smaller sized island of Utila, on the various other hand, got a standing as wonderful area for novices in diving. Dive stores in Utila are using less costly expense for diving training courses. So, Utila have actually come to be the sanctuary for low-budget amateur scuba divers. With the competitors in between dive stores, the rate for a dive program is to concerning in between $125 to $150 in any type of open water program or progressed open water program.

If you’re browsing overall serenity for diving experience in an exotic heaven, Bay Islands is the one for you.

Lately, Utila came to be the residence of whale sharks which is the globe’s biggest fish. Do not you stress whale sharks are safe as you could swim along with the fish. You could likewise be fortunate to have the possibility to swim and also dive with dolphins. The most effective months to see these animals are from March to May.

Bay Islands lies along the coastlines of Belize as well as Honduras positioned in western Caribbean. With its image excellent surroundings that consists of hand trees, smooth white coastlines, and also clear blue water, absolutely Bay Islands is a globe marvel. Bay Islands includes the islands of Guanaja, Roatan, Utila, as well as to over 60 islands that rests atop on the globe’s 2nd most significant obstacle coral reef.

Roatan likewise includes several of the most effective coast diving websites that consist of the famous Spooky Network. Spooky Network is a streambed that creates a cut completely via the coral reef. Snorkelling atop of the 8-foot split of the coral reef is certainly interesting. As a matter of fact, scuba divers could really swim via the bigger inside of the claimed network to earn the dive a lot more satisfying.

Reaching Bay Islands is extremely available. By flight, there are readily available trips that could guide you either to the island of Roatan or the Honduran landmass. By sea path, there are additionally readily available cruise liner that leave by timetable from various ports in the USA to Caribbean.

The biggest of Bay Islands is Roatan which has to do with 42 miles long and also 2 miles wide. Roatan’s north and also southerly coral reefs is residence of concerning 40 dive websites that could offer both newbies as well as specialist scuba divers the opportunity to discover the plunging wall surfaces, caves, and also holes.

For in your Diving experience in the Caribbean, Bay Islands is the most effective.

Preparing for Your Diving Journey in Grand Cayman


Do you intend to leave your normal dive site as well as check out a minimum of one unique dive place?

Are you, as well as your dive friends, having trouble which dive area you intend to most likely to?

Diving is enjoyable and also interesting, nonetheless, diving mishaps take place. For this, you must guarantee on your own with DAN or Divers Alert Network. DAN covers all therapies associated with diving crashes. So, this is a need to for all scuba divers. Ensure you prepare all the needed documents, bookings and also others to guarantee a problem complimentary holiday in Grand Cayman.

When intending a journey to the Grand Cayman, you should make a list of all the devices you will certainly bring. You must additionally inspect if all your devices are functioning effectively to make sure a plain sailing getaway in the Grand Cayman.

Grand Cayman has a great deal of dive websites with various accreditation needs. This indicates that you have a great deal of options on where to dive however a specific dive website will certainly call for a minimal qualification degree to guarantee your security. For instance, if you are licensed as an open water scuba diver, you are just enabled to dive in dive websites that have a minimum demand of open water scuba diver. Nonetheless, if you are accredited as a progressed open water scuba diver, you could dive at dive websites that have a minimal accreditation degree of open water as well as progressed open water.

If you responded to yes to any one of these inquiries after that Grand Cayman diving is for you. Grand Cayman provides an unique diving experience that will certainly be installed in your memory permanently. With wonderful white sand coastlines and also terrific dive websites, you will certainly never ever obtain sufficient of dives in Grand Cayman.

The Grand Cayman islands use among the very best diving experiences you as well as your dive friend will certainly appreciate. Nevertheless, you should be a qualified diving diver in order to allow that Grand Cayman dive drivers permit you to dive. If you do not have a qualification, you could obtain licensed by dive facilities running in Grand Cayman. They have actually accredited teachers that could obtain you licensed in no time at all.

Grand Cayman is just one of the premier diving locations worldwide. It supplies amazing dives day-to-day in a range of dive websites, which will truly please your food craving for journey. Grand Cayman flaunts calmness, cozy waters for as much as 100 feet exposure. They additionally use a huge variety of aquatic life where you could take undersea pictures with your dive pals.

Scuba Diving Fins to Give You Propulsion Underwater


Scuba diving and skin diving both employ the similar equipment for propulsion. You probably saw them on TV or found at the beach and perhaps you might have used these before when you headed snorkeling.

The fins enable you to go through the water practically with ease and with great efficiency instead of diving with just using your feet and hands. The fins are strapped into your feet because of your efficient leg muscle groups that you can use for diving and it provides far more efficient propulsion than your arms can provide.

Since scuba diving needs your hand to be freed other endeavors, such as hand signals, checking gauges, and others, the fins permit your hands to be separate.

Regardless of the various types of flippers offered, there are 2 features alike and these are the pocket to get your feet and blades for propulsion. The fins that are available in the market today are adjustable harness and full foot fins. Adjustable band fins have foot pockets that are open at the rear and are outfitted with adjustable heel straps while the full foot fins have foot pockets encloses the heel. Most scuba diving enthusiasts choose adjustable fins because then can be used with wet suit boots and most strong energy models of fins are available in adjustable strap fins.

When choosing what kind of fins to buy, you have to keep in mind three things prior to choosing:

– Measurements
– Physical capability
– Geographic area in which you dive

You should constantly keep in mind that the larger and the more firm the blade is, the more leg strength is required. Buying high-end fins are not for every person, particularly for beginners, because beginners might not be used to exert a lot of effort in their leg muscles.

To use fins, the full foot fins doesn’t require specific measures, you can easily slide your foot inside full foot fins. In modifiable strap, however, you need to pre adjust your fins before getting in the water. It should be comfy and comfortable fit. If it is too tight, it will be awkward, and if it is to loose, it can slide off during your diving.

Routine maintenance of your fins is especially the same as how you preserve all your scuba diving equipments. You should rinse it with fresh water after utilizing it and store it in a cool dry place. You should never ever leave it in direct sunlight because it will make the rubber fragile and can crack quickly.

These are some of the factors you should know about the fins used in scuba. Be sure to keep in mind to perform all the necessary preservation in order to make your fins endure a long period of time and appreciate a safe and enjoyable dive.